Save energy with the right conveyor belt

Company Habasit AG
Date 13.11.2017

Would you like lower operational costs at your facility? The answer to this question is most likely yes. If you also would like to help the environment by saving energy, then today’s blog will be of interest.

Large facilities require energy efficient solutions

In large facilities, for example at airports with a lot of logistics, it is important to create optimal material flow. The goal is the highest possible efficiency through good service and low costs at every stage. Decreasing energy costs while taking responsibility for the environment is often part of the process.

In many facilities, conveyor belts are widely used to move something from one place to another. The flow process depends on the conveyor belts working correctly. Since the belts are in constant use, it is especially important that they have long-term optimal performance. This means that:

  • The conveyor belts should be made of materials that can withstand heavy use
  • The conveyor belts should be as energy efficient as possible

An abrasive resistant conveyor belt that is affordable, energy efficient and with a long service life is ideal for large facilities and distribution centers.

But how much energy does a conveyor belt actually consume, and how much can you save? Find out more on the Habasit Expert Blog.

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