Scarecrow Training: Get More From Your Airport Bird Control System

Company Scarecrow Group
Date 07.01.2019

Scarecrow’s refresher training sessions teach BIRD Tab system users how to gain maximum benefit from the technology and use it to improve their bird strike avoidance programmes at airports.

The BIRD Tab system combines bio-acoustic dispersal technology using a library of curated bird distress calls with sophisticated reporting software, allowing bird control teams at airports to log, analyse and report on airside bird behaviour and bird strike risks.

This refresher training session, held near London Gatwick Airport in November 2018, is an example of the sessions held throughout the year by Scarecrow, aimed at introducing users to software upgrades and new features. The training is an informal, hands-on session which encourages attendees to share experiences, try out the software, and come away feeling that they are using the system to its full potential, as a vital element of their bird strike avoidance and wildlife control toolkit.

Feedback from the sessions is always positive, with users commenting on the impressive variety of features offered by the software and the informal, easy to follow advice and instruction provided by the Scarecrow trainers.

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