Security checkpoint implementation guidance

Company Point FWD
Date 15.10.2019

Security checkpoint implementation guidance

Providing you the answer to questions like:
  • What is the impact of the various EDS CB standards on my security process? And how to make choices for procuring equipment?
  • How can I best integrate CT equipment into my existing or new checkpoint setup?
  • How to achieve maximized security throughput without over-staffing?

Discover our approach to your challenge

Point FWD has launched an updated proposition website covering their approach to security checkpoint implementation projects concerning state-of-the-art security equipment (such as EDS CB, CT, ATRS and Security Scanner)

Technology selection

Technology & process understanding is the basis for successful implementation. In this very first step of implementation it is key to tie airport identity and business strategy to actual change.


Checkpoint redesign

Process redesign and integration is an inevitable step towards solution specification. We believe balance in the comprehensive ecosystem of security checkpoint processes is essential.


Trial project monitoring

For EDS CB and automated lane implementation, well structured and goal-specific operational trial projects can pave the way to final and successful solution deployments.


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