Security Solutions for Airlines from TamperTech

Company Tamper Technologies Ltd
Date 12.06.2019

Do you need and an instant, additional level of security that delivers a clear visual indication of tampering? TamperTech’s Security seals offered in both non-transfer and permanent materials enable you to provide positive control and protection from check in through to baggage claim (landside and airside) – protecting passengers, crew and cargo for private sector, commercial, military and cargo sector.

Tamper evident labels and tapes can be applied to all surfaces to increase your security. Instantly and simply, by demonstrating a VOID, OPEN, SECURITY message when removed, or tampered with. A flexible solution which can be customised with your company logo and include security features like sequential numbers, barcodes and QR codes. As the manufacturer we can tailor the solution to whatever you need and proactively turn it around exceptionally quickly to meet your requirements and react to your business needs.

The technology in the security tapes and labels from TamperTech ensures that they will adhere to all surfaces from plastic trays, fabric life jacket pouches and crew suitcases, glass, metal doors, hatches and catering trolleys, cardboard packaging boxes, carbon fibre through to painted surfaces and paper.

These easy to apply, cost effective security solutions come in many sizes and colours to give you the levels of security choice you would like. TamperTech’s security labels and tapes can either leave a permanent message on the surface, be non-residue, where the label voids in the film so cannot be reapplied but does not leave a message on the surface, can be stretchy, can have security cuts in them, UV inks and many more options. As the manufacture TamperTech is able to support you with security challenges.

Get in touch with us with your application and we can ensure you get the right product for you needs, as the chemistry for a fabric suitcase is different to an aircraft door. The tamper evident technology is manufactured for adhesion and performance in response to surface energy and therefore as surfaces have different energy’s, different labels and tapes are needed for successful application.

To add a security to your processes and location call Harriet at TamperTech on 01335 300335 to discuss your applications and they will send you samples to test to ensure that they are the right solution for your application.


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