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Date 04.08.2017
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Lessons in Long-Haul, Low Cost

Legacy carriers are right to be jittery about the competitive threat from long-haul, low-cost airlines. As low-cost airlines have gained market share in short-haul markets, many legacy carriers have sought to consolidate their strengths in long-haul markets. Where will they go next?

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Irish Charm, Strategically Applied!

An airline that reports a $1.5 Billion profit, achieves a near 94% passenger load factor, adds 16 million passengers in a year, and introduces thirty-three new aircraft to their fleet might feel some room for complacency. Not Ryanair!

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Who is the biggest of them all?

Which airline holds the top spot when it comes to seat capacity? OAG’s new handy guide looks at the Top 20 carriers based on 12 months’ seat capacity to February 2017.

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Check out Traffic Analyser 2.0

With a whole new look, better visuals and enhanced fare data. Now including online fare data for Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific airlines and weighted average fares for 56 airlines. This latest version follows the Spring release of a new version Schedules Analyser with Connections and DOT on the way.

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