SESAR is the European Air Traffic Control Infrastructure Modernisation Programme

Company SESAR programme
Date 26.10.2011

World's greenest flight by Air France - copyright Air FranceThe SJU is happy to announce that on 13 October 2011, its partner Air France carried out a successful flight using alternative fuels and optimised ATM procedures on a Toulouse-Paris Orly flight. This flight trial which ran on a mix of cooking oil and jet fuel is a prolongation of the AIRE project, combining two environmental initiatives. The CO2 emissions of this flight were 54g/passenger/km.

The AIRE project “Green Shuttle” is co-financed by the SESAR Joint Undertaking together with Air France, Airbus and the French Air Traffic Services organisation, DSNA is aiming to optimise flights between Paris and Toulouse. It is working on developing En-Route and Approach procedures and evaluating the possibility of an improvement of the vertical and lateral profiles for the Air France shuttle flights between Paris-Orly and Toulouse (in both directions) in complex airspace which includes military activities. The project is ending at the end of November with more than 100 flight trials and estimated annual benefits of 1700 tonnes of CO2 saved due to AIRE optimisations alone.


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