SEVESO MODULE IN DGOFFICE - DGM-Software Development Group introduces a new module in DGOffice

Company DGM Software Development Group A/S
Date 13.06.2016

The Seveso Module has been added to DGOffice as the total documentation and information solution for warehousing and handling dangerous goods and chemicals. It simplifies implementation and helps to comply with the criteria stated in the Seveso III Directive (2012/18/EU). Required information and documentation is provided based on CLP classifications, including detailed instructions on how to store and handle dangerous goods, within a few easy steps. Moreover, the module confirms whether your products are considered dangerous according to the directive.

To ensure better protection to people and the environment, the directive applies to all types of business, not only to those in the chemical sector. Our Seveso software helps to become compliant faster, easier and at lower cost.

Seveso III Directive

The directive was adopted on 4 July 2012 and entered into force in June 2015. All establishments that warehouse and handle dangerous substances have to be compliant since 1 June 2016. The main reason for its adoption was the change in the EU legislation with regard to the (re-)classification of chemicals according to the CLP Regulation, which also came fully into force on 1 June 2015. A substance is dangerous if it falls within one or more generic hazard categories (which directly relates to the relevant CLP hazard class/category), or is one of the named substances as specified in the Directive.

Impact on companies

The SEVESO III Directive lays down rules for the prevention of major accidents which involve dangerous substances. To that end, an important task must be accomplished by operators prior to submitting the requested information to the competent authorities: prepare an inventory which contains those dangerous substances (both pure substances and mixtures) identified as being in scope for reporting.

Seveso Module

DGOffice implemented a rule-based subscription system, referred to as “Seveso calculation”. The Seveso Module is designed to provide the operator with basic reports a SEVESO establishment may need, in order to demonstrate compliance to the directive’s requirements. It provides all information on the basis of CLP classification of pure substances and mixtures, which is stated on the product SDS.

Furthermore, to help operators assess the extent of their obligations, DGOffice provides a (free of charge) so-called “SEVESO check”. The SEVESO module contains an up-to-date inventory of harmonized substances and the knowledge for thousands of self-classified substances from various suppliers.

After subscription, the process starts with the input of the substance’s CAS, EC or index number. Multiple items can be added or imported (from e.g. the user’s chemical inventory) at once, thus saving allot of time, resources and costs to the operators. Via a notification it will be confirmed whether your chemical inventory contains pure substances and/or mixtures which potentially fall under the scope of the Seveso III Directive.

Once the CLP classification, quantities and the products’ physical status (e.g. liquid or gas) are added, the system informs which substances and/or mixtures are classified as dangerous according to the Seveso Directive.

Finally, the module provides a report based on the Seveso Directive III Reporting Guidelines. The report contains information about the products that fall under the scope of the Seveso Directive, if the quantity of any of the products is Upper-tier or Lower-tier, if the establishment is either an Upper-tier or Lower-tier establishment, and the applicable regulations.

About DGOffice

DGOffice offers a complete set of tools to support organizations in all aspects of the management of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. The modular design ensures that you use only the software that is applicable in your situation. Apart from the basics covered in the core application DG General, each module offers a comprehensive set of functions, developed for a specific business or industry segment. All of them share the same promise: provision of adequate, error-free and up-to-date information and documentation against the smallest time-investment imaginable.

DG General
Provides basic information and covers all of the basic functions enabling the implementation, use and maintenance of DGOffice

DG Transport
Covers all of the requirements for transportation by air, sea, inland waterways, road and rail

DG Handling
All aspects of handling dangerous goods. There are separate modules for Notifications to Captain (NOTOC) and acceptance of goods and materials

DG Storage
Everything you need to know for the storage of dangerous goods, safety precautions, and internal transportation

DG Production
Tools needed in the production process of goods with a hazard risk like SDS creation in line with GHS, workplace instructions and GHS labeling

DG Support Tools
A comprehensive set of tools for a variety of tasks; from creating and printing your own shipping labels to building and maintaining your own substance database

DG e-freight
Streamlines everything concerned with your shipping documents and airway bills. No more hassle!

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