Shall Low-traffic Airports Force Themselves Into Hard-Wired Airfield Lighting?

Company S4GA
Date 02.12.2019

Regional airportIt is an obvious and well-known fact for many years that the fastest, most comfortable, convenient, cheapest and safest way to travel (and transport certain types of cargo) on medium and long distances is to use air transport. Unlike land transport (unbelievably expensive roads and motorways and even more expensive rail routes), no extensive infrastructure is needed. Airports are enough. For this reason, to service more than 23,600 commercial planes flying every day are the world approximately 44,000 airports or airfields needed.

Every year numerous new airports are opened. Most small and medium-sized, dedicated to local passenger and freight traffic. As the number and scope of air operations increase quite rapidly, most of them are faced with the need to install lighting that allows them to work after dark and/or in conditions of limited visibility.

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