Sharp/NEC releases next generation P Series large format displays tailored to mission-critical applications

Company Sharp NEC Display Solutions
Date 04.05.2021

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe has released the fifth generation of its best-in-class P Series large format displays with a new round of upgrades tailored to control rooms and other mission-critical use cases. While the new product range is intended for command-and-control centres in industries such as transportation, energy, defence and manufacturing, its engineering upgrades are also useful for wayfinding and corporate communications.

The NEC MultiSync® P Series uses Sharp/NEC’s cutting-edge technology to enhance and improve on the popular features of its predecessor. It offers unparalleled clarity of detail and colour accuracy through 8K signal processing, a wide colour gamut and an integrated NEC SpectraView® engine, which balances all image parameters. Its easy readability regardless of ambient light continues to be a foundational benefit. Brightness levels of 700 cd/m² and a high haze filter means the image is clear even in bright light, without distracting reflections.

The metal chassis is another example of a functional feature that’s become a cross-sector selling point. Not only does it help provide fire retardancy, but it also allows the elegantly slim display to be robust enough for use in heavily trafficked public spaces. That durability is built into the entire design, making it a long-lived display solution. In combination with scalable computing, starting from the modular SoC Raspberry Pi, up to Intel® Smart Display Module Computing devices, and the variety of inputs make it easy to play whatever media is needed.

“Our NEC MultiSync® P Series displays are for uses where 24/7 reliability is a must”, said Martin Lienau, Product Manager Large Format Displays at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe. “We’re proud that customers trust our long product life and fit-for-purpose performance for everything from wayfinding to control rooms to production lines. This generation’s intelligent heat management and metal chassis don’t just ensure a reliable investment. They create safer usage in public spaces.”

The new large format displays come in 43”, 49” and 55” sizes with availability May 2021 onwards.

For more information on the new NEC MultiSync® P Series large format displays, visit web page.


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