Sika Case Study: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, USA

Company Sika
Date 21.08.2018

Project Description:
The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the third busiest in the country based on number of enplaned customers. When the airport was building a new international terminal, a sky bridge connecting terminals D and C, a new Grand Hyatt Hotel, and an Automated People Mover System, with two-train stations at every terminal, they turned to Sika Sarnafil and King of Texas Roofing Company, LP, of Grand Prairie, TX for their roofing needs.

The project size of about 62’300 m2, would be a tall order for almost anyone, but it was one that King of Texas and Sika Sarnafil were able to meet with flying colors, thanks to talent, teamwork, and time-management. The project was completed in September 2005.

Project Requirements

  1. Accommodate the airport traffic by transporting materials at night
  2. Meet the tight schedule
  3. The large size of the airport meant a lot of work load and coordination with the other trades
  4. The new international terminal is a large, U-shaped building with an upper roof that looks like an airplane wing, which required the best wind uplift capability

Sika Solutions:
Based on previous satisfaction, Sika Sarnafil® adhered roof system was specified by the engineer. Terminal D and people movers used light grey, 72 mil Sarnafil® G 410 membrane; sky bridge used white, 72 mil Sarnafil® G 410 EnergySmart Roof® membrane.

The new Grand Hyatt Hotel “shoots up out of the middle” of the Terminal D roof and features a swimming pool and surrounding deck area. The adhered Sarnafil® G 410 roofing system in light grey was also used here, but this time over a structural concrete roof deck.

The pool and deck area featured Sika Sarnafil’s grid system, using 80 mil, Sarnafil® G 476 waterproofing membrane over tapered insulation and then covered with three different colors of roof pavers.

The colors of the membranes have met the design purpose perfectly in this project.

Sika Products:
In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Sarnafil® G 410
  • Sarnafil® G 410 EnergySmart Roof®
  • Sarnafil® G 476


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