Sika Case Study: FBO Hangar Facility in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Company Sika
Date 20.11.2018

Project Description

Project name: FBO Hangar Facility
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Construction year: 2016
Project size: 4,130 m² floor / 1,170 m floor joint to be sealed

Project Requirements

The hangar is used for parking aviation vehicles, which must be protected at all costs. In addition, there are functional areas for placing bulky equipment, expensive assets, fire risks and corrosives, metal walkways, complex internal structures, tanks and different work spaces.

A key issue for the flooring in a hangar is the abrasion caused by the heavy vehicle traffic and heavy equipment. Another issue is the impact of aerospace fluids which are chemicals that can corrode the floors if the floor surfaces are not resistant enough.

Sika has a range of specially designed epoxy flooring systems which can prevent such potential irreparable damage over long periods of time. The systems have anti slip surface properties and various color options.

Sika Solutions

Interior Flooring

  • Sikafloor® 161 as primer
  • Sikafloor® 264 as body coat
  • Sikafloor® 315 as sealing coat

Exterior Flooring

  • Sikafloor® 161 as primer
  • Sikafloor® 264 + broadcast Sika Sand 505 as body coat
  • Sikafloor® 359 as sealing coat

Floor Joint Sealing

  • Sika® Primer -3 as primer
  • SikaFlex® tank N

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