Sika Case Study: Habom Hangar of Turkish Airlines in Istanbul, Turkey

Company Sika
Date 12.02.2019

Project Description and Requirements:

The Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center (HABOM) of Turkish Airlines was built in Istanbul, Turkey, with a total area of 40,000 m2. The customer, Turkish Airlines, was looking for a high-performance flooring solution with a particular focus on the durability, performance, and especially benefits the system could bring in the use phase, namely cleaning and maintenance. In order to demonstrate the benefits of the specified Sika flooring system from a holistic approach, Sika Turkey opted to complement the technical information with an environmental evaluation of the system.

Sika’s Sustainable Solution:

Sika’s technical solution was to specify Sikafloor®-21 PurCem (4.5 mm) on a slab concrete substrate. To evaluate and compare Sika’s specified flooring system with ceramic tiles, which are typically applied in industrial areas in Turkey, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was used. The LCA is cradle to grave for the total area of the flooring system, which means the LCA investigates the potential environmental impacts of the flooring system from raw material acquisition and processing to manufacturing of the product, use phase scenario (including maintenance and refurbishment) and disposal at the end-of-life.

Sika’s Global Product Sustainability Group performed a LCA of the two flooring solutions for a 20 year period. During that 20 year period, the system with ceramic tiles is replaced completely (typical life time of ceramic tiles in the Turkish market is expected to be 10 years). Maintenance of the two flooring systems is also considered, including water, cleaning agents and energy for the cleaning machines.

Sika contributes to sustainable construction by offering durable and application friendly solutions to customers.

Applying a high quality Sikafloor®-21 PurCem brings several benefits:

  • Proven performance
  • Wide application range
  • Solvent free
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent environmental profile

To view the environmental evaluation results and the full case study, click here.


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