Sika Case Study: Spanish Airports

Company Sika
Date 21.08.2018

T4 Madrid Barajas (MAD)

Project Description
When Barajas Airport Terminal 4 building was opened in 2006 it effectively doubled the aircraft and passenger capacity at Spain’s largest international airport. Not only was there another major terminal building (two actually as there’s also a smaller satellite terminal building, T4S), but another two runways were added. Now aircrafts take off and land during the day at an average rate of one every 30 seconds. Terminal 4 ranks as one of the world’s largest airport terminals, measured by building area. The airport as a whole is the 4th largest in Europe, and the 10th largest in the world.

Project Requirements
Elastic sealing solutions was needed for 50.000 linear meters of joints in the marble tiled floor in the Passenger Terminal Complex.

Sika Solution
Sika® Primer 1, Sikaflex®-11 FC (beige)

La Palma (SPC)

Project Description
La Palma Airport processes about three million passengers per year. The new expansion of the airport has been constructed, there has been a new control tower, the runway has been renovated and a new terminal has also been built. The activities were completed in 2010.

Project Requirements
40.000 m2 waterproofing of frame works on bituminous layer in access roads.

Sika Solution
SikaRoof® Pro and polyurethane 2-component. sprayed LAM system:
Sprayed membrane: Sikalastic® 821 LV
Final layer: SikaLastic® 821

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