Sika Case Study: Suvarnabhumi Airport In Bangkok, Thailand

Company Sika
Date 21.08.2018

Project Description:
The central utility system includes a 40,000m³ fresh water reservoir tank and pumping station, a waste water treatment system with a capacity for more than 12,000m³ per day, plus a control and storage building for waste water collected from aircraft.

In this location all of the concrete structures required external surface waterproofing with protection against the natural groundwater conditions on the site. In addition they also required protection of their internal surfaces that were exposed to the aggressive chemicals involved in chlorinating the fresh water for drinking and also in other areas, against the contaminated waste water from around the airport – including the aircraft and pavement run-off waste water and the sewage and waste water from the terminals etc.

Sika Solution:
Externally exposed concrete surfaces and those in the drinking water treatment area were protected with Sika® Poxitar® F, 49 W Thick. This is a high build bitumen coating for steel and concrete surfaces, that is approved for contact with potable (drinking) water and fully resistant to chlorination treatments and natural ground water.

Concrete and steel surfaces in the drainage collection channels and containment areas for sewage and waste water, were protected against attack and corrosion with Sika® Poxitar® F. This is an extremely chemically resistant protective coating based on a modified epoxy resin with special additives that can even be applied directly to damp concrete surfaces.

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