SITTI at Mitiga International Airport

Company SITTI
Date 03.04.2018

SITTI has been awarded (through Technosky and ENAV) the supply of a brand new VCS (Voice Communication System) and ancillary equipment for the International Airport of Mitiga (Tripoli) in Libya.

The MULTIFONO M800IP(R) system is going to be installed at the airport, together with an advanced IP crashphone system (M803IP). In addition, a set of consoles for the local operators is also included. The final Customer, the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority, is in fact willing to further develop the air traffic infrastructure provided so far, by also relying on a modern crashphone system based on the latest most advanced IP technology.

The supplied VCS system will be capable of interfacing both analogue and VOIP radio channels, these latter based on the world VOIP ED137 standard. Furthermore, a number of telephone lines are also dealt with, in order to provide local ATC controllers with all the required facilities to best manage the traffic under their responsibility. Ergonomic consoles will allow operators to access communication means in an easy and integrated manner. According to the current schedule, the overall supply will be installed and put into operation by next August 2018.

SITTI confirms its capacity to respond to the Customer needs, by supplying a variety of integrated systems and devices, to make the work of ATC controllers even more simple and air traffic even more safe.


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