Company SITTI
Date 08.08.2016

SITTI OlimpiadiRioThe 2016 edition of the Olympic Games will take place in Brazil from August 5 to August 21. This event is a major sport gathering for all Nations on Earth evry four years for celebrate the spirit of sports. This time the wonderful Rio de Janiero will host the XXXI edition of the modern Olympic Games. Over 4 million tickets have already been sold for this amazing competition. A consequently huge number of visitors and tourists is expected to invade Brazil to watch the games or even only attracted by the beauty of the country. A majority of these will use the airplane to enter Brazil, and therefore the air traffic load will dramatically increase.

In the past years, SITTI has been providing Voice Communication Systems (VCS) to all major Brazilian air traffic control centers (Brasilia, Manaus, Curitiba, Recife). These helped to enforce the national air transportation infrastructure through modern and state-of the-art technology systems. SITTI will further support the national Brazilian ANSP in the coming weeks and will be actively contributing to the success of the Olympic Games, so as to make skies even more safe and enjoyable.

Although our hearts beat for Italy, we wish the best to win!


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