SOFTECH – Bruxelles Environnement: officially started the new project for the processing and management of aircraft noise data!

Company Softech
Date 20.01.2022

Bruxelles Environnement is the environment and energy administration of the Bruxelles-Capital Region; its fields of activity concern the environment in a broad sense, including: air quality, noise pollution and the fight against climate change.

Together with them, and with the support of our local partner AKRON, we will carry out the 8-year project for the management and processing of acoustic and cartographic data relating to air traffic, measured by the network of Brussels Environnement sound level meters, that works 24/7.  A public website will also be provided to allow anyone interested the consultation of noise pollution data in a trasparent way.

One of the final objectives of the project is the implementation of the ordinance of the government of the Brussels-Capital region of 27 May 1999 on combating air traffic noise which provides that, in order to protect citizens, air traffic noise perceived on the ground in the territory of the Brussels-Capital region cannot exceed certain limit values.

We are glad to count such an institution as Bruxelles Environnement among our customers!


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