Softech Environmental Totems for SARA

Company Softech
Date 16.10.2018

The environmental monitoring system SARA now can be equipped with THE ENVIRONMENTAL TOTEMS; innovative, high quality and equipped with a graphical interface of great effect, the environmental TOTEM displays the information managed by SARA in real time to passengers in transit:

  • Position of aircraft in the geographical area of the airport
  • Position of aircraft and instantaneous levels of monitoring stations in the geographical area adjacent to the airport
  • Acoustic levels detected by the stations in the last 5 minutes
  • Hourly levels of gaseous pollutants in the last 24 hours
  • Instantaneous weather conditions
  • Instantaneous acoustic rating
  • Classification of the air quality of the last hour

Furthermore, the new “touch screen” version allows an interactivity between the passenger and the information system, improving the user’s involvement and increasing his attention/sensitivity towards environmental issues.


  • SARA ADS-B receiver (or equivalent)
  • SARA Noise monitoring stations
  • SARA AIR pollution monitoring stations (optional)
  • METAR (Meteorological Air Report)


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