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Date 04.08.2011

Austrian Armed Forces (Österreichisches Bundesheer, ÖBH) select ADS B Ground Station for preliminary tests in the Austrian territory.

Vienna/Austria, August 2011 – The German ATC expert was contracted by the Austrian Air Force to supply an indoor variant of their esteemed state-of-the-art ADS-B sensor. ÖBH intends to initially use an ADS-B ground station which will temporarily be installed at different sites for evaluation purposes, and to prepare a future installation site planning. For future needs additional sensors can easily be added to the infrastructure, thus offering a complete surveillance solution.

The ADS-B sensor is the cornerstone of Quadrant, COMSOFT’s product family in the aircraft surveillance field, receiving and processing 1090 MHz messages which are subsequently further processed, eventually building an air situation picture. The delivery is complemented by the user-friendly Quadrant Control and Monitoring System (QCMS), a pre-configured system with a high resolution colour display, which can be integrated in IP-based communication infrastructures. It’s installed on a mobile computer system and enables the user to monitor the operational status of up to 64 redundant Quadrant ground stations.

The sensor transmits surveillance data to up to 20 different client systems compliant with the ASTERIX standard. Even though all recent versions are supported and the client can choose the version he wishes, it is easy to incorporate new versions by means of the remote upgrade process.

ADS-B sensors distinguish themselves by displaying low energy consumption, high accuracy, wide range as well as attractive and flexible deployment options. They can be used as a back-up and gap-filling solution (e.g. to conventional Mode S surveillance), or, in regions where radar coverage is limited, not possible at all or not cost-effective, even as a primary surveillance solution.

To many customers ADS-B and multilateration are new concepts, hence appearing risky compared to well-known radar technology. However, there’s no denying the crucial benefits, making Quadrant an attractive alternative, not least due to its ability to produce higher update rates.

Having impressively proven its reliability and cost efficiency in the past, Quadrant is increasingly used by a considerable number of ANSPs. ÖBH’s decision to purchase a ground station just adds to the picture that ADS-B and multilateration can be considered future-proof technologies.

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