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Company Frequentis Comsoft GmbH
Date 23.11.2011

DGCA of Kuwait banks on latest Message Handling and Aeronautical Information Management technology.

KUWAIT CITY/KUWAIT, November 2011 – Following a thorough evaluation process the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of Kuwait selected the German ATN specialist COMSOFT for the supply of a new AMHS and AIM system. The system will provide its users with most modern information services via COMSOFT’s Aeronautical Information Management product line, significantly contributing to flight safety in the country. The project will be carried out by COMSOFT in close cooperation with and as subcontractor to the Spanish system integrator Indra.

COMSOFT’s innovative AIM solution CADAS is in full compliance with the latest AIXM 5.1 standard, which uniquely and unprecedentedly allows the complete integration of ATC-related data. Tedious procedures, which so far have been executed manually, thus implying a high error potential, have become obsolete. Accordingly, COMSOFT’s premium solution integrates different applications such as electronic AIP, Procedure Design and Aeronautical Charting, NOTAM and Pilot Briefing by means of a native AIXM 5.1 database. As a result, the customer will be optimally prepared for the processing of digital NOTAMs which will be based on AIXM 5.1.

The AMHS portion of this advanced system is based on the market-leading brand AIDA-NG, and will put DGCA in a position to exchange ATC messages such as flight plans with neighbouring ANSPs via the AMHS network. The majority of ANSPs in the Middle East region already operates COMSOFT’s AMHS system and an operational AMHS network of extraordinary stability has been established which gives example for other regions in the world.

DGCA's modernisation program does justice to the anticipated growth in air traffic in the region and significantly adds to the increase in air safety. COMSOFT's contribution to DGCA's novel ATM system at Kuwait International Airport will be a cornerstone in this achievement.

COMSOFT GmbH was established in 1979 and has been active in the ATC domain for over 20 years. The company enjoys a worldwide reputation in this market.

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