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Company Gate Technologies Ltd
Date 17.08.2012
Veiled passport booths by Gate Technologies

Banjul International Airport in The Gambia has been undergoing renovation to handle the increased number of passengers visiting this popular holiday destination. Gate Technologies has carried out a complete refurbishment of the check-in area including new desks, baggage handling system, raised flooring, suspended ceiling and lighting. Also included in the scope is a new Flight Information Display (FID) system supplied complete with web-based software written specially for Banjul airport.

Flight data is displayed on full colour flat screen monitors suspended over the check-in counters in a continuous custom made bulkhead. The system has the ability to display airline logos and full schedules as well as advertising messages and can be maintained remotely via web access. The bulkhead, which includes provides task lighting for the desks and includes internal fans to control temperature, is suspended from the ceiling above leaving desk access clear and uncluttered by supports.

The GT FIDS system can be configured for all sizes of project and can be extended throughout the airport terminal including all public areas and departure gates.


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