Strong, Safe and Durable - Ammeraal Beltech adds a new dimension to heavy-duty industrial conveyor belting

Company Ammeraal Beltech
Date 17.11.2020

Ammeraal Beltech’s latest addition to their extensive specialist conveyor belting range is the one-of-a-kind uni AMB – with a permissible tensile strength of 180.000N/m. It is designed to meet the high-strength requirements of heavyweight product conveying – particularly for the automotive industry.  In the face of rapidly increasing interest around the world in electric vehicles (EV), typically much heavier, causing higher conveyor loads. The uni AMB belt answers these challenges for existing and new conveyor systems.

Patented design technology
Strong, safe, and durable, the uni AMB shares the patented design principles and insert technology of the company’s uni ACB and uni CSB belts, and extends this specialist concept into a new, even higher, level of capability. Its larger wear-resistant contact surface area, with the use of wear resistant inserts, brings the benefit of reduced wear.

The uni AMB features an offset pin position to allow for an improved wear area underneath the pin.  All of these design principles support long belt life times.

Exceptional strength and safety features
Its high strength enables higher loads and longer conveyor lengths.

The unique hinge-driven sprockets, ensuring reliable sprocket engagement, like the uni ACB and uni CSB belts, deliver an impressive load transmission of 15,000N each.  The uni AMB belt accessories include extremely strong moulded car pushers, wear plate inserts, and electrical conductive-EC-inserts.

The belt’s patented insert technology adds an extra feature to its surface, protecting workers and en-route electronic components, to meet the electrostatic discharge (ESD) standards of the automotive industry.

Its rough surface makes the belt safe and friendly for humans to walk on, kneel on, or even use to push kit trolleys along.

The uni AMB will be available in a choice of standard materials such as regular POM-NL and flame-retardant POX-FR.

Retrofitting is easy – both from Ammeraal Beltech’s uni XLB or uni CSB belts and, indeed, also from competitors’ belts.


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