Sustainable development and better corporate reputation: Softech Public Viewer at Marconi Airport

Company Softech
Date 17.03.2021

Aircraft noise levels live on the web 

During the “ICAO Aviation Green Recovery Seminar” of last November, the ICAO Assembly reiterated the need for States to establish or supervise a transparent process when considering measures to contain noise, including dissemination of assessment results for consultation with interested parties and for the resolution of disputes.

Airport noise is reconfirmed as a problem that affects everyone!

Marconi airport in Bologna knows this well; despite the pandemic, it has equipped itself with our PUBLIC VIEWER, choosing the path of dialogue and sharing of environmental management practices with the community, demonstrating reliability and transparency.

Provided for the first time at Vilnius International Airport, Public Viewer is a graphical interface accessible on the company’s website, thanks to which it is possible to view flight information, noise data and meteorological data on the map, both in historical and real-time.

The interface offers both 2D and 3D views and is accessible from the airport website and / or from environmental totems.

Innovative, user-friendly and with a modern style, the Public Viewer is compatible with all the most popular web browsers.

It is not just a question of having innovative, user-friendly and customizable according to needs software, what our customers have achieved are:

  • transparent relationships, based on dialogue and interaction with communities
  • a reliable channel of dialogue for citizens affected by the problem
  • adaptation to the provisions of environmental legislation.

The national television networks and newspapers covered Marconi’s virtuous choice to add the public interface of our software to the airport website, praising our client’s choice to share best practices: providing local communities and businesses with information complete, easily accessible and in real time on noise levels is really a winning choice!


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