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Company Evaccess
Date 31.08.2016

Swallow Evacuation & Mobility Products Ltd was incorporated in November 2008.

We assist people with access, egress and evacuation issues by supplying evacuation chairs and stair climbers for people and goods. We also service and train people on these.

We started looking at the CD7 manual downward only evacuation chair in 2006 and then realised that those in wheelchairs should remain in their wheelchairs and extended the range that we offer. We wanted to make sure that it is the correct equipment for the occupant and also for the business, as some buy downward only evacuation chairs and then have to purchase again to cover access and egress. Evacuation can be upwards as well as down and therefore powered units are required as we would not recommend lifting people when there is no need. Avoidable risks to occupant and operator.

We have an extensive range of stair climbers for people and goods and also offer the Flex Step, Disabled Platform lifts and other items such as the Evacuation App, Transfer Sling, Security Chair as we believe that Fire, Safety, Inclusion and peoples dignity should be looked at together. We are known for providing the best equipment for a person’s requirements as we have many models to choose from. If you don’t know who is going to use your buildings then you need the equipment that safely takes the person in a powered wheelchair, as all others can then use this. For example, an Evacuation chair that only goes downstairs and requires a person to transfer is not suitable for the people who need it.

Our clients include: schools, universities, councils, railway stations, retail, hotels and venues to name but a few.


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