All About Signs Retrofit for Taxiway Guidance Signs at PTE 2015

Company AAS International BV
Date 11.03.2015

All About Signs presents a revolutionary LED system for existing Taxiway Guidance Signs and Runway Signs: the AAS Retrofit. The system is suitable for all major TGS brands, like ADB, Safegate, ATG and NKI.

It replaces the energy guzzling Halogen illumination for the most energy efficient LED system available on the market. With this system airports can save up to 89% on the energy consumption generating 1-2 years Return on Investment. The upgrade takes only a few minutes. The newly developed power unit can handle up to 7 steps CCR power with a constant or variable light output.

You are kindly invited to see how the Retrofit is mounted inside ADB, Safegate and NKI signs at stand 5065.

Sometimes the most obvious solution is also the easiest one.


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