Company TCR International NV
Date 20.11.2018

Designed for monitoring, planning, reporting.

Targa Telematics and TCR created a solution based on cutting edge telematics technology for motorized GSE asset management. With a goal in mind: bring IoT best practices and advantages to the Ground Handling sector.

The system provides many innovative features including automatic and customized reports on a real time basis. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, online, and is accessible via web from any computer or smartphone.

The joint offering is available on the market with a dedicated co-branding logo that resume the qualities of both companies.

How it works

A GPS black box installed in the vehicle transmits real time data, including position, operation status, driver information and others. Data is available via the web-based app, that can be accessed by operators via any connected device (tablet, smartphone, pc).

Digital Platform

The digital platform displays all the data collected and enables all the solution functionalities. The available tools allow easy maintenance planning, vehicle use monitoring and automatic reports, and much more.


The solution can positively impact the operations of any single operator of motorized equipment: Airport Authorities, Airlines, Ground Handlers and any other player involved in the GSE management.


It is possible to monitor and know where all the vehicles are at any time and precisely track positions, movements, speed, accelerations, and other useful outputs.


Adapt composition, use, frequency and allocation of the GSE fleet according to the flight schedule, in order to have the best means to assist in the ramp operations on a future or a day to day basis.


Thanks to the remote diagnosis, mechanics can act promptly on GSE during idleness periods, so that vehicles are available to be used on the ramp when required.


Set geofenced areas where vehicles are not allowed to enter for security reasons, or make sure that only authorized drivers can start and use the GSE.


The Fleet Manager (or the platform administrator) can determine which information or functionality is available to each user once they have entered their secure login.

  • ONLINE 24/7

All features and documents are available online, on PC, tablet and smartphone at any time.

GSE Pooling

The continuous rise of airport traffic has brought to an increased request of Ground Support Equipment on the ramps. Improved and customized services for most airlines has brought to a major increase in the GSE operating around an aircraft, causing multiple issues:

  • Inefficient airside operations, as GSE of one handler often block the vehicles of another operator.
  • Equipment must be moved from different areas of the airport
  • Operational costs rise (time waste in moving vehicles, damages caused by towing, increased amount of collisions with other GSE or aircrafts)

An innovative solution to this issue is the pooling of equipment in airports, supported by the use of telematics. Technology enables to meet the highest safety standards and to make operations more efficient, ensuring security and accountability of GSE usage from each Ground Handler.

Since the first applications, the TCR-Targa Telematics GSE solution proved to:

  • Reduce congestion
  • Reduce operation delays caused by unavailability of GSE
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce GSE and aircraft damages repair
  • Facilitate the standardization of aircraft turnaround processes

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