Temporary Structures and Relocatable Buildings

Date 03.11.2010

For the new Dutch musical Soldaat van Oranje an old aircraft hangar in the former military airfield Valkenburg has been fully converted into a new theatre, the TheaterHangaar. For this special musical and on this special site Neptunus created an Evolution that – as theatre foyer and restaurant – forms an essential element of this theatre location.

The “TheaterHangaar”, which was recently officially opened, was originally an aircraft hangar on the former military airfield Valkenburg. The public is centre stage in this new location. For this new location Neptunus [http://www.neptunus.eu/nl/semi-permanent-solutions] delivered a semi-permanent foyer with a surface of almost 1 800 square metres and connected this accommodation to the hangar. Here Neptunus made use of its Evolution concept [http://www.neptunus.eu/nl/semi-permanent-solutions/-evolution] characterized by its high-quality appearance and properties. The hall can now barely be distinguished from the permanent building.

The project leader with Soldaat van Oranje: “At Neptunus we found the construction we were looking for. The sturdy, substantial and yet stylishly appointed Evolution has a natural fit with the airfield and joins up perfectly with the style of the existing Hangar. The Evolution has given us the possibility of taking a semi-permanent construction and making a fully fledged theatre with all the usual facilities where visitors, business guests and crew will feel at home.

Neptunus profile

Neptunus is one of the biggest suppliers of temporary accommodations worldwide. Neptunus is active on the events market and the market for semi-permanent housing. Beside the company headquarters in Kessel Neptunus also has offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, England and Poland.


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