Testimonial - Urimat waterless urinal system at Belfast Airport

Company Ecoprod
Date 07.06.2018

“URIMAT waterless urinals have been installed at Belfast Airport for a number of years, currently there are 11 systems in operation. With URIMAT, water consumption at the airport has been considerably reduced. Furthermore, benefits to the urinal waste pipes have been noticed. Previous bad odours, waste pipe blockages and overflowing urinals have been eliminated. These issues were a reoccurring nuisance in the past with the former water-flushed urinals.

Cleaning of URIMAT waterless urinals has been received positively by the cleaning staff. Overall hygiene levels within the toilet facilities have been improved, also due to significantly lower splash-back accumulation beneath the urinals reduced. Chemical-free operation and easy cleaning of Urimat is also in line with the environmental policy of the airport.

Upgrading the toilets with URIMAT waterless urinals has been welcomed by commuters and visitors alike. Urimat is a cost-efficient, clean and hygienic urinal solution which we would recommend to other commercial enterprises with high urinal use.”

Facilities Manager, Belfast Airport

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