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Date 31.10.2019


October 2019

October was Cybersecurity Month, which gives us an opportunity to consider information security and the steps that need to be taken to protect data, whether it’s personal, financial or professional. Sometimes the simplest hacking approach is the most effective, so we look at how to spot signs of ‘social engineering’, where hackers manipulate someone into giving confidential information and which, according to telco Verizon, makes up 33% of cyber attacks.

The use of mobile identity documents is on the rise. A new report predicts that by 2024, 3 billion people in economies where government identity provision is limited will be issued with unique mobile identifier services, which will use SIM cards to verify an individual’s identity. The report predicts that in the next five years these services will be used by 40% of the population.

This month, we revisit blockchain technology. Ten years after its conception, blockchain is no longer just about the fintech sector but is being used to help build smart cities, protect citizen data, drive IoT devices in the home and secure freight management at ports. We also take a trip to Antwerp in Belgium as a citizen-centric hub enables the city to become a place of research, development and innovation where everyone’s invited.

Antwerp: the citizen-centric city

This Belgian city is putting people at the center of innovation. By uniting user groups with hardware and app developers, innovative products get to market more quickly and citizens enjoy living in one of the world’s smartest cities.

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How to spot a hacker

Social engineering is a simple yet very effective hacking approach where the target is just asked to provide some data. But there are some easy ways to spot a social engineer, from colleague requests to download files through to high-pressure demands to provide information.

The six signs of social engineering

Taking blockchain beyond fintech

By offering a transparent digital ledger, blockchain technology is proving its effectiveness in more sectors than just fintech. From the development of autonomous IoT devices to making cities paperless, we look at how the technology is a growing part of daily lives.

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Mobile phones to become primary identity source

Mobile identity documents will be issued to 3 billion people in emerging economies by 2024, in a shift that also provides opportunities for the smartphone market, which is expected to produce more devices with advanced functionality, such as biometrics.

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