Thales - PTE 2020, stand Z1 3000

Company Gemalto
Date 13.03.2020

With 4.3 billion international passengers in 2018 (Source: International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO), the role of identity verification is crucial in protecting travelers and States. In addition, with such a huge number of travelers, speed is also a challenge for airports and others users. To meet these challenges, Thales offers a range of identification, verification and authentication solutions, such as document readers, that help prevent document and identity fraud.

Designed for the most demanding authentication and identification scenarios, Thales Gemalto Document Reader AT10K allows users to inspect, authenticate, and capture data from electronic travel and identity documents quickly and reliably.

With its intelligent “i” series version, Thales Gemalto Document Reader AT10Ki, processes the data in cloud and virtual computing environments; meaning you can quickly and simply connect the document reader to your network, tablets, phones or/and enterprise SaaS applications. It significantly simplifies the tasks of operators and integrators.

Designed for use in demanding border management scenarios, it also serves banking, hospitality, travel and any other industries where you need accurate / reliable document and ID verification & reading.

The intuitive design of the document readers has been proven to dramatically improve first time read rates, especially for infrequent users. This led to less frustration, shorter queues and a positive impact on the reputation of your company by providing passengers with a unique, enjoyable and memorable travel experience.

Our wide array of document readers provides solutions that meet the changing and growing security demands of companies and agencies.

Both Thales Gemalto Document Readers AT10K and AT10Ki will be showcased at PTE 2020, 9-11 June in Paris stand Z1 3000.


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