Thanks for visiting us in Munich!

Company Lifts All AB
Date 04.12.2017

ULD loading from carousels – check!

We’re happy to have noted that since we started attending Inter Airport Europe a couple of years ago, the interest in ergonomics and baggage lifting tools has not only grown, but the visitors are also more initiated and understanding in terms of what our idea and intent is: To create a sustainable work environment for baggage handlers.

So, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you – old friends as well as new faces – who visited us in Munich! We we’re delighted to introduce you to Speed-Loader; our brand new addition for loading ULD’s from carousels. It’s a great complement to our original container loader CLS and the Basic for open trolleys.

Together with you we will continue to pioneer the development of the future baggage handling and create awareness of the tough work conditions which face the hard working baggage handlers all over the globe, every day.

This brochure contains information, photos and video links concerning all of our baggage handling products and services. Enjoy!


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