The benefits of PET fabrics in the Airport Industry

Company Ammeraal Beltech
Date 19.12.2022

Did you know that Ammeraal Beltech provides high performance in a more sustainable way? Either by making our baggage handling systems last longer, require less cleaning, less power or by using recycled materials in the manufacturing process. Nowadays, successful airports are filled with environmentally oriented high-tech systems and applications. We assist our customers with satisfying the passengers’ expectations of limiting the use of resources thanks to Ammeraal Beltech unique solutions.


The benefits of Ammeraal Beltech eco-solutions are truly vast. When it comes to the belts with PET fabrics, exactly 14 bottles are used per belt’s square meter, reducing 1.2 kg of CO2 emission, and limiting greenhouse gases release by 70%. Moreover, the processes of producing recycled polyester from PET shreds immensely save energy and water. The positive features, when combined with belts’ extended lifespan, less power use and optimised design grant a full spectrum of sustainability score and therefore gain suitable certifications.

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To be greener means to strengthen brand reputation. Both the passengers and potential investors trust airports which care about the future, and positively react when they can see that their recycling practices at home contribute to the cause. The approach we took in manufacturing the environmentally friendly belts for Baggage Handling Systems enables all airport users to see that their persistence in recycling is converted into better tomorrow.




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