The operational reliability in arctic conditions meets Widerøe’s requirements

Company Champion Door
Date 02.11.2021

“Champion Door’s thermally insulated hangar doors deliver what they promise”

The operational reliability in arctic conditions meets Widerøe’s requirements

Widerøe is the largest regional airline in Scandinavia, with a staff of 2,500 and a turnover of NOK 3.5 billion. The company carries around 2.8 million passengers annually and flies to over 40 domestic and international destinations. The company’s aircraft hangars in Kirkenes and Vadsø are located at two of the northernmost airports in Europe.

In the wintertime, climate conditions in Kirkenes and Vadsø are best described as arctic. Besides large and sudden temperature drops, huge masses of snow and strong, violent winds are common for the area. The hangars are constructed in 2005 and in 2011, Widerøe chose to equip them with thermally insulated hangar doors from Champion Door.

– The doors’ heat insulation capability was an important decision criterion. The durability and operational reliability of the doors need to be guaranteed in the arctic conditions that prevail at the sites during wintertime. Good heat insulation and the ability of the doors to stand up to hard winds were our targets when choosing to cooperate with Champion Door, says Vidar Solvang Sæbø, Operation Coordinator Widerøe Property AS.

Protecting the aircrafts from snow and wind is key – doors have functioned reliably

The doors in Kirkenes and Vadsø are 3-piece multiple hangar doors, models NK4 Warm Hangar and NK2 Double.

– There’s no permanent personnel at the sites. The doors’ most important job is keeping the snow and wind out and the aircrafts protected from the weather. In Vadsø we only have parking but in Kirkenes also technical operations. In case of an acute situation or problem where reparations need to be done on-site, heat insulation and keeping the aircraft hangar warm for the personnel is very important, Solvang Sæbø explains.

The doors run 2-3 times a day, all year round. During winter when de-icing is done in the hangar in Kirkenes, the doors may run more frequently. The doors have been in operation for over a decade and have lasted despite harsh weather conditions. According to Solvang Sæbø, the doors have met Widerøe’s expectations.

The operational reliability of the doors has been very good, and they meet our demands of heat insulation and storm-proof capacity. They make what is promised, and I have not heard any negative remarks on the product itself.

Praise for customer service and door design

Cooperation with Champion Door has worked well and Solvang Sæbø is happy with the customer service. A decade later, the doors are still getting good grades from Widerøe. Solvang Sæbø thinks they are suitable for places like airports or industrial areas with hard winds and challenging weather conditions. The hoist-up design is another advantage of the doors, he mentions.

– The hangar construction design is simplified since doors open upwards instead of sideways, creating important space savings.


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