The Power of Branding

Company Rezcomm
Date 26.01.2017

Branding is a crucial aspect of any business. Without branding there would be little to differentiate Starbucks from Costa Coffee or Coca-Cola from a generic soda in the eyes of the consumer.

A brand is a company’s name, logo, the colours used, its slogan and visual identity. You can even take online quizzes that ask you to identify brands from their logo alone. However, this visual aspect of branding is a tiny fraction of what defines a brand. Robert Bean of Northstar Partners, who was head of customer communications at BT when the ‘It’s good to talk,’ campaign was launched, refers to branding as, “A promise delivered.”

What does that mean?

Your brand encapsulates everything within your company, creating the customer’s total experience. It forms a set of associations with the company, product, organisation, service or individual, and harnesses those associations to help the business perform better.

Branding is …

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