CAA approves temporary airspace change for London 2012 Olympics

Company Civil Aviation Authority
Date 08.11.2011

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has approved temporary changes to controlled airspace in areas to the South West, South East and North East of the busy London Terminal Control Area during the London 2012 Olympics when there is expected to be a significant amount of additional air traffic movements. The changes announced today will help ensure the safety of all airspace users during the Olympic period from 16 July to 15 August 2012.

The air traffic control service providers, NATS, and Stobart Air, had jointly requested the use of Temporary Controlled Airspace (CAS (T)) at key locations to better cope with the increased movements mainly from business jets. In addition, Manston Airport has also requested CAS (T) in the vicinity of Manston which has also been approved. The CAA said the decision to approve the requests would safely allow for additional capacity for London 2012 with the minimum possible disruption to General Aviation users.

The NATS/Stobart Air and Manston requests followed an extensive consultation with key aviation stakeholders. The use of CAS (T) is a temporary air traffic control operational change and should not to be confused with the already announced security restrictions being put in place by the Government over much of London and the Home Counties during the Olympic Games.

The CAA said it will be publishing the reasoning behind its decision to accept the CAS (T) request in November 2011. Full operational details of the changes will appear in an official Aeronautical Information Publication Supplement in Spring 2012. On 16 August 2012, the CAS (T) will be completely withdrawn.

The NATS/Stobart Air proposal is available for download.

Manston Airport’s proposal is also aviailable for download.

The change proposals from both sponsors have been accepted in their entirety, except for two very minor elements as shown in the NATS/Stobart Air feedback report, which were not progressed (Area 12E northwest of Southampton, and the northern section of South East Area 5).

For general information about the security airspace restrictions in place during London 2012, including detailed charts, go to Charts of the CAS (T) will be added in due course.

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