Three more reasons to upgrade to an intelligent airfield

Date 09.05.2018

New white paper available now

Deploying an airfield ground lighting system in which each light can be individually and intelligently controlled could enable your airport to handle many more aircraft movements per day. Higher passenger throughput means more business for your airport and the airlines you support.

Independently controlling and monitoring every individual light, an ILCMS is essential to achieve optimum routing of taxiing aircraft in all weather conditions. You may have seen our earlier email giving you three reasons for evolving to ILCMS, here are three more:

  1. Handle more air traffic with your existing infrastructure
  2. Cut airfield capital expenditure
  3. Reduce emissions to become more sustainable

Find out more about how an ILCMS can transform your airfield operations.

Click to get the latest white paper: Lighting the way towards the Intelligent Airfield.

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