Three reasons to upgrade to an intelligent airfield

Date 03.05.2018
A decade ago, LED technology transformed airfield ground lighting, slashing energy
and maintenance costs. Today, Individual Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems
(ILCMS) are applying automation and integration to deliver further gains in airport
safety, capacity and energy efficiency.

There are many benefits of evolving to the intelligent airfield. Here are just three:
1. Reduce existing LED lighting energy bills by up to 33%
2. Make airfield operations safer, even in the worst weather
3. Cut total airfield lighting maintenance costs by up to 50%Sweden’s largest airport,

Arlanda, has already made the upgrade by adopting ADB SAFEGATE’s SafeControl
ILCMS and SafeLED IQ LED lights.
Read how ILCMS is transforming Arlanda’s airfield operations.

Find out more by downloading our booklet: Build a safer, lower cost airfield >>

Best regards,
Henrik Linderberth
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