topsystem launches dual product strategy for international markets

Company topsystem Systemhaus GmbH
Date 29.06.2016

topsystem Lydia_Business.JPG-022bf635With the Lydia Business solution based on Android hardware, topsystem offers an efficient basic package for voice application. The extended Lydia Enterprise variant includes not only the robust Voice-Client Voxter and the Lydia VoiceWear, but also additional options for process control by voice. Both variants are matched exactly to the individual requirements of different countries and sectors. Internationally operating companies are therefore given the solution which meets their exact requirements and those of the relevant market. With both products customers benefit from efficient voice controlled processes.

The topsystem voice software Lydia, with which employees are guided through the warehouse by voice dialogue, is based on both product solutions. If a company requires a fast, flexible solution, topsystem offers the mobile Lydia Business version. The voice software is available for all Android and iOS devices, and can therefore be played on any voice-ready smartphone. For more complex requirements topsystem offers the Lydia Enterprise solution.

The premium variant, in conjunction with the voice-independent software, consists of the combination of Voxter and the Lydia VoiceWear. In this case the picking vest replaces the headset previously worn. For the employees this means improved work ergonomics and better support of the hands-free principle for all operations during work in the warehouse. Due to the voice-independence of the software there is no long familiarization period for new employees.

“Because of our many years of experience and worldwide subsidiaries we are aware of the international requirements in the voice sector, and we know what customers require in order to optimize their business processes. With our new dual product strategy we offer companies worldwide exactly what they need to develop their logistics. Maximum flexibility and safe processes”, explains Tim Just, authorized representative of topsystem Systemhaus GmbH.


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