Transoft Solutions invites to two Live webinars in March

Company Transoft Solutions
Date 06.03.2020

IN FOCUS is a concept developed by Transoft Solutions. It is an opportunity for airport professionals to get an in-depth look at relevant topics within our industry. By inviting guest speakers which comes from different organizations and positions, and who are experts on the subject which they present, these IN FOCUS webinars will keep you tuned in and engaged. This month, we’re hosting two webinars – “Planning MARS stands” and “The impact of CT technology in security”. Read more about these sessions below.

Planning MARS stands – 10th of March, 9am CET and 5pm CET

For this webinar, we have invited Tonny Nooyens, Airport Designer and founder of Tonooy, who will share his expertise on this subject. Tonny Nooyens has more than 10 years working experience in making smart designs for existing and new airports. He specialize in the design of apron layouts and apron systems, especially the passenger boarding bridges.

Nowadays, MARS stands are a popular solution for new airports and airport expansions. The flexibility of such a stand is a big advantage. Designing a MARS stand however, has many challenges.
In this IN FOCUS Webinar, Tonny will discuss the different solutions for a MARS stand and its design issues, including:

  • Which MARS layout suits the airport?
  • Which operational problems often occur and how can they be prevented?
  • Which apron system solutions fit the MARS stand design?
  • How to design a MARS stand.

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The impact of CT technology in security – 18th of March, 9am CET and 5pm CET

The webinar will be led by Tomasz Migacz, Co-Founder & Director of EBEA Consulting. Tomasz support aviation experts by providing airport simulation services, optimizing their operational processes and ensuring maximum asset productivity.

As the UK government has enforced the implementation of CT technology in all major UK airports, a big unknown to security operators appears.
The main change in the process is that passengers will be able to leave their electronic equipment and liquids inside the bags, which will impact each sub-station of the security checkpoint. What changes can be expected with regard to screening and passenger process times under the new technology? What will the impact be on overall passenger and tray throughputs?

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