Transport and installation of Champion Door doors use up as little of the customer's resources as possible

Company Champion Door
Date 21.11.2022

Champion Door ensures its products’ smooth transport and installation with precise planning. The products are assembled as ready as possible in Finland. Products can even be transported whole to domestic or other European destinations. According to Project Manager Arttu Rahikka, 30-meter-wide doors have traveled on the truck’s trailer to sites.

“When shipping outside of Europe, doors are transported in subassemblies in shipping containers by ship. As a result, each part, including the screws and nuts, is accurately numbered and marked. This saves time during the installation phase and streamlines the work of our multilingual and experienced installers. In addition, it’s easy to start a job when you know which part belongs where.”

Accurately labeled products make unloading easier. Champion Door sends a professional to the installation site responsible for unloading and arranging the goods. The goods are arranged in such a way that they are in the optimal order for the installation process and take up as little space as possible.

” The customer’s personnel and the subcontractors operating at the site must be able to continue their work even during installation. Therefore, we always agree with the customer in advance on how much space the goods are allowed to take up at the site. This allows the customer to anticipate and make the necessary arrangements for their production.”

“Customers are often surprised at how little time it takes to install”

Champion Door doors are lightweight, so installing them does not require expensive halls or heavy-duty support structures. The doors at the site are assembled directly at the doorway, from where their engines lift them. As a result, heavy equipment is not required for installation. There is also no need to move parts from one location to another, which increases the site’s safety.

According to Rahikka, it is often a surprise to customers how little time it takes to install the doors in the end. Small doors are installed in less than a day, the largest in about three weeks. In addition to careful arrangements, the installation is accelerated because Champion Door’s fabric foldup doors consist of several separate fabric strips instead of one large piece of fabric. So, for example, if the door is dented, replacing a single fabric strip is cheaper than replacing the entire door fabric.

Installation is taken into account already at the sales stage

According to Rahikka, careful planning is critical in smooth transport and installation processes. Rahikka, specializing in installations and technical matters, participates in projects already at the sales stage. After the deals have been signed, he and the design team will go through technical issues, installations, schedules, deliveries, unloading arrangements, and resourcing.

“It is important that the installation process is considered in the project from the very beginning. Thanks to careful planning, our transport and installation processes are fast, smooth, and use as little as possible of the customer’s resources.”


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