Transtec Overseas Pvt Ltd. Ground Support Equipment Manufacturer & Partnership

Company Transtec Overseas Pvt Ltd
Date 17.04.2018

Transtec Overseas Pvt. Ltd is in the field of manufacturing of Aviation Ground Support Equipment, Material Handling Equipment & Cargo Equipment along with representation in Aviation Infrastructure since more than 3 decades.

We have our assembly and Manufacturing facility in Chikali & Surat [Free Trade Zone], (Gujarat) with 70,000 sq. ft area. We have a complete team of specialized engineers from

hydraulics, pneumatic, electrical & electronics sector.We have a team of people who have accumulated knowledge, skill, experience and which will make the company a burning desire to provide the best of its services to its clients.

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70 Podar Chamber
3rd Floor
S.A. Brelvi Marg Fort
Mumbai – 400 001
  • 022 4006 3035
  • 022 40060519
  • Mobile: +91 9819733663