TVH’s technical classroom training goes virtual

Company TVH
Date 04.05.2021

Parts specialist TVH now offers online technical training sessions. Just last week, the global player in spare parts for lift trucks, industrial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery successfully completed two new and fully virtual classroom training courses. Both are available through TVH University, initially for the UK, Ireland and Nordic countries, but soon for other countries as well.

TVH University’s new 90-minute online training sessions are How to handle error codes and How to handle 85% of electrical faults. Two hot topics, as skilled diagnostic technicians are in great demand. Participants are unanimously positive about their virtual learning experience, stating that the virtual concept works well and is convenient.

Increased accessibility
TVH’s biggest driver for the launch of remote training is accessibility. As Stefan Beke (Coordinator Technical Trainings at TVH) explains, “TVH wants to make its technical training courses accessible to all types of businesses, globally. Our e-learning courses offer possibilities without the usual travel expenses. So it’s easier than ever to jump on the wagon of technological revolutions in the field.”

For now, the online training courses are only available for the UK, Ireland and Nordic countries. More regions will soon follow, as the intention is to gradually roll out the courses to other countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific in the upcoming months.

The classroom experience
TVH’s approach to online training differs from others in the sense that it aims to make participants forget they are looking at a screen. Stefan Beke says, “The online experience is kept as close as possible to a physical classroom experience. Our instructors maintain a certain level of interactivity, use smartboards and digital manuals, and can switch to different cameras depending on what they need to show the audience. When simulating electronic technology, for example, we can switch to the camera hanging above our circuit board.”

TVH University training sessions
TVH University boasts a solid 13 years of experience. Its technical training courses are divided into five categories: internal combustion engines (e.g. diesel technologies), electrics/electronics (e.g. electrical signals), hydraulics (e.g. mobile hydraulics), power electronics (e.g. batteries) and technical-commercial (e.g. lift truck technology for non-engineers). TVH’s new virtual classroom training courses fall under the category of electrics/electronics. All courses are brand and industry independent.

For more information, contact TVH University via or +3256434438.


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