Ultra Provides the Backbone to Support A-CDM at Dublin

Company Ultra Electronics Airport Systems
Date 25.05.2017

UltraIB, Ultra’s airport specific integration broker and the backbone of information exchange for the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), has once again proven it is  invaluable in supporting the growth of Dublin Airport; this time by providing the necessary co nnectivity to support the DAA’s Eurocontrol Airport Collaborative Decision Making A-CDM initiative. 

Originally deployed in 2009, UltraIB is the glue that provides 24/7 guaranteed communication between the many and varied systems running at Dublin Airport. From the traditional operational system such as AOS, Airline interfaces, Utility billing and Air Traffic control, through to the more innovative and unusual systems such as DubHub social media interface and mobile applications, they are all interconnected using UltraIB and our extensive library of industry standard SOA services to deliver an airport wide information exchange and data pool.

In November 2015, Ultra embarked on a project with the DAA to support the implementation of A-CDM at DUB by integrating their existing Airport Operational System with a Pre-Departure Sequencer (PDS) being purchased by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and being supplied by Saab.

To add to the complexity of the project, the IAA already provided an Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS) supplied by a subsidiary of Saab – Holland Institute of Traffic Technology (HITT). The legacy A – SMGCS system interfaced to the UltraIB via the HITT interface. As part of this project Saab and the DAA wished to replace the existing HITT interface with a new single interface to support both the new PDS and the legacy A – SMGCS using a Web Service.

The UltraIB being the integration method of choice at DUB would provide the complete communication interface between the AOS and the new PDS. Simply interfacing with a PDS would not be enough for DUB to gain A-CDM compliance. In order to achieve that, the AOS had to also interface to the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) to send and receive the FUM and DPI messages required for A-CDM accreditation. The Ultra IB again would provide the complete communication interface between the AOS and AFTN. Following extensive testing by the DAA , which was closely supported by Ultra , the works associated with the above project were put into production use in a single night at DUB in May 2017.

The IB production upgrade was performed flawlessly in conjunction with the other suppliers and the DAA are now targeting the switch on of complete A-CDM message functionality by November 2017.


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