Update: PRM solutions by Special Mobility

Company Special Mobility
Date 22.09.2016

Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) Solutions / WheelchairsSpecial Mobility has changed the name Caddy into Mobby.

The Mobby is a Multifunctional & Self Propelled Transport Wheelchair for Airport PRM specifically designed to be strong, cost effective and low maintenance. Available in a variety of colours and options that can be screwed to the wheelchair at any time including: Luggage racks, automatic seatbelts, and nameplates. It is the best system for all your prm needs.

Airport Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) have the right to Freedom of Movement. Special Mobility has developed a self propelling e-Mobby that can be connected to our other Mobby’s. This means that you can take 2 passengers in one movement, the professional can ride behind on a tray. Also this patented locking system makes it possible to collect empty Mobby’s and move them in a row. Time & cost saving!!!

Additional orders for e-Mobby’s, Mobby’s and luggage trolleys have been flying in from:

  • London Heathrow, PRM service by Omniserv UK
  • Hong Kong Airport, PRM service by Worldwide Fight Services


Special Mobility solves the luggage problem of PRM!

One Attendant can now take a PRM including handluggage & suitcase fast and easy.



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