Update PRM transport solutions by Special Mobility

Company Special Mobility
Date 03.03.2017
  • Omniserv, PRM provider at London Heathrow ordered more e-Mobby’s, Mobby’s and luggage Mobby’s
  • Worldwide Flight Services, PRM provider at Hong Kong: For a video about the e-Mobby’s in use, click here.
    Worldwide Flight Services at Hong Kong Int Airport is showcasing Special Mobility’s products at Hong Kong Airport.
    You can see our products live at Hong Kong airport. Please email us and we will arrange a meeting for you at Hong Kong Airport
  • QANTAS Australia orders e-Mobby’s & Mobby for replacement fleet

At Passenger Terminal Expo, Special Mobility will introduce a new advanced PRM transport vehicle: Multimobby

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The Multimobby is being tested at Brussels Airport & London Heathrow
A video about the Multimobby & Mobby’s:

Special-Mobility product presentation and interview at Brussels Airport from Special Mobility on Vimeo.


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