Variable Guidance Signs from AAS International BV

Company AAS International BV
Date 25.01.2017

All About Signs is an independent manufacturer of taxiway guidance signs.

A Variable Guidance Sign can support airports to optimize the use of taxiways, runways, de-icing platform and other positions where flexibility is needed.

The full color LED display can show any message that complies with EASA/ICAO/FAA/EASA directives and is mounted on the All About Signs TGS frame with the certified frangible couplings.
The LED display is specially build for use in extreme circumstances and the text has always excellent visibility.


Frame: Aluminium
Protection: IP65
Color: RAL 9006, other colors on request
Front: Anti-reflex
Version: Single sided
Face Dimensions: Height 600 or 800mm, length max. 3000mm
LEDs: Full colour
Pitch: 20mm
Colors: 256
Control: Remote controlled
Required power: 230Vac + earth or AGL 6.6A
Mounting: Mounted on TGS frame, provided with frangible couplings


Options Features
• Bird protection • Free programmable messages
• Isolating service switch • Full color
• No maintenance
• Complies with EASA/ICAO/FAA directive
• Protected against moist and dust: IP65

Company Profile


AAS International BV
P.O. Box 15
5590AA Heeze
  • +31 6 53441393