Vetter Contour Matching Lifting Bags - Optimum adjustment to any shape

Vetter prSafe, secure lifting in every situation. Rescue work after aircraft accidents poses extreme challenges for rescue teams, especially in rough terrain.

Vetter delivers thoughtful solutions that give you better control over the situation at the site of operations. Our contour-matching vacuum chambers exactly match the shape of the object being recovered. Choose the appropriate rescue set for any aircraft category from our strong product portfolio. We would be pleased to advise you in selecting the combinations appropriate to your specific requirements so you can lift aircraft more quickly and safely.

Key Benifits:

  • Optimum distribution of lifting force
  • Lifting capacity is fully utilised
  • Suitable for universal use
  • Enables minimum pressure point weight

‘Straight and round don’t match’
Aircraft recovery teams worldwide are faced with extremely difficult and varying situations when carrying out lifting operations of an aircraft on ground. The modern contour matching system developed by Vetter engineers together with Frankfurt airport specialists, is a result of the special needs in such situations. With the new vacuum contour chambers you get a better hold on the situation at the operationsite.

Everything is stable and gently under control
Applicable for all types of aircraft, the stable chambers meet the highest safety specifications. Applied any amount of times, they enable guaranteed straight lifting with the minimum of pressure point loading on the sensitive aircraft body and create a stable transition between the lifting bag and the aircraft. Costly secondary damage can be avoided and the full-surface contact ensures maximum load stability.

Why is contour matching essential?
According to Mr. Hofer*, contour matching results in a clear improvement in safety, especially as regards load stability with an aircraft recovery. The lifting power of the lifting bags can be used to its full extent and the danger of damage to both airplane and lifting bags is minimised. “The Vetter vacuum chambers are a perfect adaptation of the straight lifting bags to the round airplane” *Former head of the Airport fire brigade Frankfurt, Fraport AG

Vetter pr 1

Vetter pr 31 bar technology – The innovation
Our Vetter aircraft lifting bags 1 bar/14.5 psi are characterized by their sturdiness, strength, exceptional side stability and stability under load. As opposed to the 0.5 bar/7.25 psi series, the side stability of the 1 bar/14.5 psi series is increased by approx. 40 %. A significantly improved lateral load tolerance provides increased stability and greater safety when lifting aircraft. The lifting bags, hoses and controllers are fitted with quick-action couplings enabling easy and time-saving inter-coupling of the individual elements. That makes fast and effective recovery possible.
Note: The Vetter Aircraft Lifting Bags are also available with 0.5 bar technology.


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