Vision-Box founders are the winners of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Company Vision-Box
Date 14.04.2016

Vision-Box pr 3CEO Miguel Leitmann and Chairman Bento Correia are the winners of the 6th Edition of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Portugal. They will now represent Portugal at the world final in Monaco, which will gather 60 winning enterprises worldwide.

Vision-Box is the winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Portugal. CEO Miguel Leitmann and Chairman Bento Correia proudly received the highest award last week at the gala ceremony held in Lisbon.

The award was granted to the Vision-Box founders for their unique entrepreneurial spirit, excellent financial performance, strategic direction turning visions into reality, the culture of innovation and the personal commitment to their business and all stakeholders, including customers, partners and the community.

Bento Correia, Chairman of the company, stated “With excellence comes appreciation. And appreciation comes not only in the shape of an award, which we are so thankful for, but also in the great and rewarding relationship we consistently have with our customers. We are very grateful and honored to be partnering with inspiring, dedicated organizations worldwide that think the way we do, out-of-the-box, match our creativity and innovative spirit and put people first. That comes down to delivering solutions that really change people’s lives.”

Since day one, Vision-Box’s Chairman and CEO have been visionaries: they have developed and deployed, together with a small team, the first Automated Border Control eGate based on facial recognition ever. The aim was to improve the identification of people through the use of biometric recognition technology. The achievement of much higher security levels and a quicker border control process dictated the success of the two entrepreneurs and of Vision-Box: 1200 Automated Border Control and Passenger Experience solutions have been implemented at land, sea and air borders around the world since 2001 and become the standard and the reference around the world.

Vision-Box pr 2With customers in 150 countries and offices in 5 continents, Vision-Box has been in the forefront of innovation in its sector, delivering end-to-end biometric-based Identity Management solutions worldwide mostly for governments, airports and airlines, complying with the highest security standards and excelling in human-to-machine interaction. The impact of our solutions is measured in 100 million users every year.

When asked about the key to success, CEO Miguel Leitmann answered: “We are committed to making a positive contribution to the world by continuously improving the collective values of security, safety, efficiency and convenience. We want to enhance travelers’ experience, improve people’s access to services and promote the bond between citizens and governments through trusted, people- centric digital identification technology. It’s all about creating new, brilliant things that improve processes necessary to everyone, every day in every corner of the world. That’s why we, together with all the people that work with us – employees, customers, partners, suppliers and friends – make a difference”.

Promoted by EY (previously known as Ernst & Young), the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards celebrate the most innovative business leaders and are among the most prestigious business award programs in the world. Vision-Box victory of the 6th Portuguese edition is the visionaries’ passport to the world finals in Monaco, which will take place from June 7th-12th and gather a number of renowned speakers from various domains of society and an international panel of judges to elect the World Entrepreneur of the Year.

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