Visit Blupura at Passenger Terminal Expo at Booth 2120 and experience UNICO, the first water filling station working with A.I

Date 14.03.2023

If you are atttending Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam then you are invited to visit Blupura at Booth 2120 and experience our UNICO, the first water filling station working with A.I.

Unico is a free water filling station designed for public use spaces, especially for airports. It has been projected to give to all users, water of high quality at km0 in various types: refrigerated still and sparkling, but also room temperature and hot.

Unico gives the opportunity to refill any kind of container once chosen the water to dispense; without touching the dispensing point, ensuring maximum hygiene. In this way users no longer have to buy water in disposable plastic bottles.

The use of A.I. technology gives many advantages like filling automatically the bottle and stopping when it’s full and avoiding the water spillage.

UNICO will solve all the problems of airports: long queues for drinking water or wet floors caused by the current water dispensers located near bathrooms; through its drip tray designed with splashproof triangular profiles and tapered counter edges.

As well as UNICO, BLU2GO and BLUJUICE are also being exhibited so if you’re in the vicinity make sure you visit Blupura at Booth 2120 and test these products out personally!


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