Visit Green Furniture Concept at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 in Stockholm Stand: 900

Company Green Furniture Concept
Date 11.01.2018

Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable design for public interior areas. Configurably winding, seamless seating and acoustic lighting from Green Furniture can be found in places like Dublin Airport, Topanga Mall (LA) and Stockholm Central Station.

The Green Mission
We are here to make a change. We aim to show the world how the more sustainable also can be more functional, last longer and even cooler. We have a cyclic holistic approach from raw materials to business model, and we can take full responsibility for the state and function of the furniture over time.

Our lasting Vision
Green Furniture delivers to large public interiors. This means we have few but large customers, and that we have time and ambition to listen very carefully to these specific demands, learn their their business, and improve their sense of place, customer satisfaction and sales. The furniture is in for a long term smooth relationship, with timeless design, ability to stay in shape as new and to change with the building over time. We call it “impression that lasts”.

We make Seamless Seating…
We make modular bench systems for grand seating in scale with grand indoor spaces. Benches that shape a seamless seating line and can take any creative form. In practice this means that we make room for seating 30-50% more people on a given area*. The seating can take the size and shape of the room, go with the flow of the place, and tune to the local colour scheme – we make places, not just seats.

…and Acoustic Lighting
We also make Grand acoustic lighting in the shape if trees and pendant tree foliages. Natural ambiance-shapers to the room, both visually and acoustically, creating feel good places ‘in the shade of the trees’. Leaves of wool, placed as a foliage labyrinth, give excellent sound absorbing and diffusing qualities – it eats echo. Proximity to people makes the perceived effect even stronger.

To find out more visit Green Furniture Concept at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 in Stockholm Stand: 900

Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018Passenger Terminal EXPO & CONFERENCE comes to Stockholmsmässan in 2018 and will once again provide the most significant opportunity for airports and airlines to debate current issues and form business relationships on a global scale, with 7,000+ people from at least 100 countries attending each year.

The Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE has firmly established itself as the most highly regarded airport conference in the world. It’s an exceptional opportunity to see industry leaders share their innovations, knowledge and insight through a comprehensive and diverse range of conferences and panel discussions. Attracting 1,650+ senior airport, airline, aviation authority, government and related business executives from all over the world, it is THE place where attendees gather to pool information, address concerns, discuss solutions and exchange ideas for the future development of the world’s airports.

The free-to-attend Passenger Terminal EXHIBITION is the world’s largest annual airport exhibition, covering over 16,000 square metres. It provides a unique opportunity for visitors to see and experience the very latest products, services and technologies, with 225+ exhibitors showcasing the very latest innovations and solutions to enhance efficiency, safety and the passenger experience for airports across the globe.

It’s THE most important international airport networking event of the year – join us in Stockholm to see why!

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